Thursday, September 01, 2011

Swedish Sauna

Paul called this afternoon to tell me that the meeting he attended today in Sweden was held at a lake.  A large sauna beside the lake was heated to around one hundred and twenty degrees.  The idea of the sauna being beside the lake is that once you've had all of the heat you can stand in the sauna, you jump in the cold lake until you cool down.  That's certainly an interesting way of keeping everyone alert during a corporate meeting.    We are thankful for the work being done in Sweden that will keep the doors open to the company here in Roanoke.  

After another day of meetings tomorrow, Paul will travel by train back to Stockholm, and Lord willing, he will begin to make the journey home.  While that all sounds exciting, Paul told me today via Skype that he has been thinking of us and being at home.  That's fine with us.

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