Monday, October 17, 2011

Checking the Mail

Years ago, in my home state of Michigan, I remember as a young girl of seven or eight running to get the mail from the little silver box anchored to the front of the house.  Our home at that time was just outside of Detroit.  The postman carried a big bag and to see him walking up the street was one of the exciting times of the day.  I have been checking my mail again with that same kind of hopeful expectation.  Only this time it is email, and I check it about ten times a day waiting for news of a donor match for Qavah.

I finally sent out an email last Friday asking the nurse in charge of Qavah's case to tell me when I should expect to find out something about a possible donor from NIH.  I got an answer back that a realistic wait would be about another month.  I replied and said, "Thanks, I will stop checking my email ten times a day!"  In this world of "instant" I have discovered something about myself. Although everything happens much faster by way of the internet, I still have just as hard a time waiting for anything.  I've concluded that waiting is just plain hard for me no matter how long or short the wait may be. Sometimes, just booting up takes way too long!  Do you know what I mean?

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