Monday, October 03, 2011

Moving Along

Moving along is easier today. I am able to run up and down the stairs, and accept for a few remaining stitches, my leg is much better. I am very thankful for a good pathology report and the assurance from the surgeon that it isn't likely that the calcified growth will return. I am very, very, thankful.

The bone marrow donor base is being checked this week and we will soon find out if there is a bone marrow match for Qavah. I found out today that matches are made at the National Institute of Health. It shouldn't be long now before we know for sure weather Qavah has that option.

Kathryn is having some continuing problems from the bone building drug, Prolia. She experiences shooting pain in her left leg that often has her awake at night. She is taking more calcium and vitamin D according to the directions and has some relief at different times during the day. She has had enough trouble with electrolyte imbalance, leg pain, and back pain, that she has decided not to use the drug again. We have a small microwave in her bedroom and rice bags which can be heated up and placed on her legs for relief.

Paul and I are working on a plan to take a vacation with the girls soon. We all need a trip to the Sunshine State to relax and enjoy the gulf breezes and unusual birds. We need to wiggle our toes on a sandy beach, and have a picnic with Aunt Lil and Uncle Tony. We also feel sure that our Great God is smiling on us as we continue to wait on Him and hope for miracles.

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