Thursday, November 10, 2011

Appointment week

After taking a great get-a-way vacation, we came home to a full calendar.  I have been to my own doctors this week for a yearly routine check-up.  The girls have had several appointments with their doctors too. Kathryn had some good news, and some not so good.  Even my car had an inspection, and needed an oil change.  As I have been busy taking care of these things this week, I have been playing a new praise and worship CD in my car as I have been driving.  The words and melodies continue playing in my mind as I am cooking, cleaning, or getting into bed for the night. Words that remind me that God sees, and He is faithful.

If you have a time of prayer and want to add Kathryn to your prayer list, she would be grateful.  Her cough has returned, and she thinks she may have a crack in one of her ribs from coughing.  She is experiencing a sharp pain in her side.  She is moving slower and trying to keep from coughing, but the colder weather seems to aggravate her bronchial tubes.  She has two more appointments tomorrow and should have a better idea of what is happening.  Hopefully it is something that will pass quickly.

We are often reminded that we are not in control of our circumstances.  In times like these it helps to have a song in our hearts that keeps reminding us that these present trials are nothing compared to the weight of glory to be revealed when God shows us His power and the battles are won.

Let the weight of your glory cover us,
Let the life of your river flow
Let the truth of your Kingdom reign in us,
Let the weight of your glory fall!

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