Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Day, Great Weather, Great Ideas

Although Autumn is coming to an end, there is still color on the trees here in Virginia.  When I look up to the mountains I see a lot of deep reds and dark oranges.  Best of all, the leaves that have fallen are crunchy now, and as I step on them I think of my school days in Michigan and walking to school through great piles of leaves along the sidewalk.  

The weather has been warm and mild. Kathryn slept up in the tree house yesterday afternoon.  Paul set up a lounge chair for her and she slept and rested.  Her medication has been changed and she is now on a cough medicine to help clear her lungs, and a new antibiotic.  She was feeling well enough to go to church today.  While Kathryn slept up in the tree house, Qavah raked big piles of leaves and then jumped into them.  At bath time I took her shoes off and a shower of broken leaves fell to the floor.  She laughed as she recounted the fun she had in the leaves that afternoon.

Paul and I have started a new project and we are now working together to make a sun room off the back of our house.  Paul has been reading up on solar heating strategies, and I am dreaming of the winter afternoons when the girls and I can sit in a warm room filled with sunshine.  This new room will have plenty of south-facing windows, and it will be a place where Qavah can play and be warmed by the sun.  Once her red blood cell levels drop below 9 she becomes chilled and usually goes to bed in the winter to warm up with her electric blanket.  The sun room should be a real treat for her.  Paul and I are looking forward to working on another project together.  During the night when we couldn't sleep, we went down to the kitchen, lit some candles, and discussed the building project over a cup of decaf coffee.  From three to five in the morning we enjoyed the quiet of the house, and the time to dream. 

Using the ideas and dreams we have is just another way of enjoying the time God has given us.  Our sermon this morning reminded us to make the most of our days; to number our days, so that we can gain wisdom and honor the Lord with our lives.  It's what we hope to do, and Lord willing, we're starting the project this next weekend.  

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