Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The past few days I have been working hard on reviewing Qavah's medical records in order to fill out some paperwork for research.  It took almost two days to sort through labs and other data then record everything, but I emailed it off yesterday.  It felt great to have that finished.  I also checked on the status of Qavah's donor search.  There isn't anything yet to report.  The nurse in charge of finding the donor said that it is just going to be a long wait until every donor base is searched.  We continue to wait and pray, and accept the possibility that a donor may not be found at this time.

Qavah has been catching up to grade level on her reading skills and has been learning her numbers and simple math.  For several reasons, including her deafness, she has been delayed.  The milestones she is hitting are thrilling for us to witness.  These are the things that make our days interesting and we feel like cheerleaders as we watch the girls fight hard and win.

We have had a beautiful fall, but alas, the north wind picked up this afternoon and with gusts of 40 mph the winds will strip the leaves off the trees tonight.  I suppose it had to happen eventually because the doctor's offices are playing Christmas music in their waiting rooms.   Time to think about homemade Campbell's soup.

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