Friday, December 16, 2011

Role Reversals

Paul has taken over responsibilities of getting the girls to doctor appointments, and making grocery runs.  I have been trying to mend after a series of health issues.  I have been given antibiotics and also had a  corticosteroid injection into my heel for what is called Plantar Faciitis.   I can't walk on my foot very long before it begins throbbing.  This is a challenge for me. I don't like "sitting" and find my legs begin to twitch when I am inactive.  I have to make this adjustment to rest my foot because I was told yesterday by my physician to expect a six week recovery time.  After reading about it on line, I also saw that middle-aged people develop this problem from standing all day on hard surfaces.

I stayed in bed most of last weekend hoping to wake up without a migraine headache.  During that time I thanked God for Kathryn, who has been facing pain and miseries of all kinds for five years now.  I know her strength can only come from the Source of strength Himself.  She has been helping with Qavah and helping in the kitchen. At times during the day I would wake up to hear her praying over me.  The house isn't decorated for Christmas, and Qavah asked for a horse again this year.  We'll see how the days unfold between now and Christmas.  I have a feeling that Jesus is wanting some undivided attention from me.  Without the ability to perform the traditional Christmas preparations, I have time for Him.  I would not want to miss His Christmas program.

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