Sunday, January 08, 2012

No Bugs

Last week, our "To Do" list got lengthier when Kathryn woke up and had several insect bites on her legs.  We called the exterminator thinking fleas, and after examining the bed sheets, he suggested we treat the room as though the bites were from bed bugs, although he did not find any on her mattress.  He set bed bug traps and gave us a list of things to do.  The room was dusted with diatamaceous earth.  Then we began the painstaking task of washing all bedding, all clothing in dressers, closets, and curtains.  The process continued throughout the bedrooms.  Since last Tuesday we have now washed over seventy loads of clothes, towels, bedding, etc, and there is not even a hint of a bed bug in the traps.  I think I may now have the cleanest house in our county.  Every closet was cleaned, and all beds and pillows placed in protective zippered covers.  

After the wake-up call on bed bugs, I read as much as I could about protecting ourselves from these pests, which are now taking over hotels, locker rooms, and even schools and public libraries. The exterminator told us that if we did find bed bugs we should check with Kathryn's Pulmonologist before spraying chemicals in her room.  None were found, thank the Lord, but we have a new respect for people who have unwittingly brought these pests home in their luggage. Because we went through this hard time, we have a plan to use only plastic ziplock bags and washable nylon luggage when we travel from now on.  

After the many things we accomplished last week, Paul and I took today to show off the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain range to some visitors from China.  His company will be hosting several groups this year, and it was our turn to show some southern hospitality.  We drove them to the beautiful Peaks of Otter Lodge and had Sunday dinner at the window overlooking the lake and Sharp Top Mountain.  They were very impressed with everything, and especially enjoyed the peaceful setting.  They wanted to get a few souvenirs so we stopped by the local Walmart since it was on our way home.  Nearly everything they picked up to buy said, "Made in China."  They were perplexed as to why we should have so much merchandise shipped in from China.  We helped them pick out cosmetics and facial cremes to take home since many of them said, "New York."  It was a good experience for all of us.

The girls have had various health issues but they both saw their doctors last week and both are responding well to the medications they were given.  Qavah has a very advanced sinus infection, but is recovering nicely.  In an effort to keep her healthy we are keeping her close to home.  This morning Paul led us in a home church service and we listened to a sermon via the internet.  It isn't the same as being in church, but we are so grateful for the technology that keeps us connected to those who share our love of worshiping the One True God.  He holds all things together, especially in those times we think things are falling apart.

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