Friday, January 27, 2012

Preventative Measures

Qavah's doctor called us this afternoon to go over the test results and ultrasound taken in Pittsburgh.  He further explained the process of preparing Qavah's little body for the bone marrow transplant.  A preventive measure against infection during chemotherapy is the removal of all of her remaining baby teeth.  Because a loose tooth can cause infection, the eight to ten remaining baby teeth have to be pulled, including molars.  I thought that sounded drastic, but after a second and third opinion, we realize that this has to be done and is actually standard procedure for children undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

We have an appointment to take her to Richmond, Virginia for a dental consultation and subsequent oral surgery to remove her baby teeth all at once under anesthesia.  This will most likely be done in early March, giving her mouth ample time to heal before the BMT.  So much of what will be happening to Qavah over the next six months will be difficult.  Yet I have seen how tenderly God has cared for Kathryn, and it is a comfort  to think Qavah will be given special grace just when she also needs it.

I was sitting here thinking about life beyond this problem Qavah has with her immune system, and the need for transfusions.  If this transplant works, she will be free to sing in the homeschoolers' singing school with children her age.  She will be able to pet and ride horses without getting a skin infection.  She will be able to do so many of the things other children do naturally. The joy I have in thinking about her doing those things brings me to tears.  Please pray that we will be wise and thoughtful concerning Qavah's difficult days.  We will need to study her to know her needs physically and emotionally, and respond appropriately.  

Whenever I am tempted to think this procedure for Qavah is a big deal, I think of my neighbor who has adopted fourteen special needs children; some requiring feeding tubes.  Seeing her manage it all with a smile on her face is like watching a Biblical lesson played out.  God does equip us for the tasks He gives us.

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