Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

Qavah has successfully come through her tooth extractions at the hospital in Richmond.  There were seven extracted, in addition to the one she pulled last week all by herself.  God's mercy was shown to her by the people who did such a great job today.  She was completely comfortable as they wheeled her away, and Paul and I were left to sit in the waiting room (which is always a long wait, no matter how short).  Two hours later, we were able to see her as she began waking up. She was such a brave girl and earned all of her Tooth Fairy Bucks!

There were little gifts of God's love for Qavah all along the way.  Her doctors had gentle spirits, which always helps her to remain calm.  The nurses were joyful, and encouraging, as they praised her bravery.  The Hospitality House Quilter's Guild gave her a beautiful quilt this morning as we left for the hospital on a chilly morning.  The nurses made up a "doctor" kit for Qavah to bring home and play with, which included face masks, hair nets, her blood pressure cuff, medicine cups, and more.  On the trip home we were able to stop in Charlottesville and Fishersville to see family and spend a little time relaxing before driving home this evening. These were the sprinkles of joy throughout the day.

This is just another small step completed, towards the bone marrow transplant.  But for some reason, we are greatly relieved that this part is over. Qavah needed this experience to see how she can breeze through uneasy circumstances by keeping a good attitude.  She always astonishes us with her child-like faith. While she slept like a log last night, Paul and I slept fitfully and frequently checked on her, only to find her fast asleep.  She is really trusting us and seems to know we have her best interest at heart.  Each time I awoke to check on her and found her peaceful I prayed, "Lord God, I want to be like Qavah when I grow up." Tonight, I hope to sleep like a trusting child.

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