Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Following Kathryn

For those following Kathryn's journey, this post may be hard to take.  When we began posting her health updates, we asked that friends would pray for mercy.  Here we are again, dropping to our knees and begging God for His mercy in Kathryn's life and asking you to join us.

For the past month, Kathryn has been complaining of pain in her hip.  She grew more concerned when the pain increased and it began keeping her awake during the night.  She went to her physician and got it x-rayed hoping it would show something.  On our way to Richmond for Qavah's surgery, we got the call on our cell phone explaining that the x-ray showed that Kathryn's femur, at the top where it meets the hip socket, has lost its blood supply.  She is experiencing what the doctor called, "bone death."  Because Kathryn's body is not absorbing calcium, her bones are deteriorating at a rapid rate.  That set her up for this diagnosis of avascular necrosis.  

Kathryn's physician is sending her to an orthopedic surgeon, but any attempt to repair that bone or the blood supply will be very difficult.  We are praying for a miraculous healing in that bone.  We are also praying that her cells will cooperate and take the calcium to the bones to replenish them.  Although this has been difficult for Kathryn, she remains calm and positive.  A physical therapist will be coming to the house to work with her tomorrow, and a home health care nurse will be bringing medication to give her for the infection in that bone that is causing her so much pain.  She'll be receiving IV Rocephin, and will see the surgeon March 7th.  

With this situation weighing on our minds, last weekend was one of rest, quiet reflection, and prayer.  This health challenge with Kathryn was one of a number of things we have been praying about.  It has been my observation that people handle the difficulties of life in many different ways.  We are holding on by faith that God "works all things together for good for those who are called according to His purpose."  Lord, in your Mercy, hear our prayers.

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