Saturday, February 25, 2012


We have enjoyed another quiet day around here.  Paul used this day to sleep and rest. That's very rare for him to do on a Saturday.  Richmond was a little much for us.  Today we sat down to rest.  We prayed together this afternoon about several concerns, then sat quietly in our sun room and dozed off to sleep.  Back in the early days of Kathryn's diagnosis, sitting in her cramped hospital room, I dreamed of days like this.  Now they are here and tears of gratitude are welling up in my eyes as I type.  There is no place like home as the sun goes down.   I am so very grateful for this day, and the comfort of home.  Maybe you've been there too.  And maybe this quote from Mark Twain speaks to you as well.

“Only he who has seen better days and lives to see better days again knows their full value”

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