Thursday, February 02, 2012

More Cleaning

We are now laughing about the way our house is being cleaned from top to bottom.  After the bed bug scare and washing all linens, curtains, bedding and towels, cleaning all closets, and pulling up our carpeting, we now have a mouse in the pantry.  We have not had this experience before, but our old cat is not doing any more hunting.  The outdoor cat kept all the mice away from the back door in the past, but its eyesight is failing and it's time to get a couple more kitties.  They have to be outside cats that would be happy in a barn, but they also need to be good with children, since we do have a few children who would want to pet them. 

Since discovering the tell tale signs of a mouse in the house, I had been taking every item out of the kitchen pantry knowing that the mouse was probably watching me.  Finally, last night we strategically set the traps so that we'd be sure to catch the critter. We did catch that mouse.  We are now washing all of the cans, jars, and plastic storage containers that were contaminated in the pantry.  I don't think I have ever spring cleaned with this much intensity.  I don't like the thought of sharing my home with a mouse. Unlike Beatrix Potter, they hold no charm for me.

My friend, Amy, who knows her way around the city of Richmond, drove Qavah and me to the School of Dentistry, where Qavah was seen on Tuesday.  That was a great help and I appreciated spending the day with a friend.  Qavah's appointment went well and her surgery to remove her baby teeth is scheduled for later in February.  We are praying that Qavah will remain relaxed in our love and not suffer too much anxiety over what is to come.  We have encouraged her to talk to us about the things she is hearing the doctors say.  We want her to expose her fears so that we can help her process them.  The prayers of our family and friends are helping in that regard.  Paul is going to work on some scripture memorization with her and plans to start with, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Deuteronomy 31:6.  It may be some time from now, but at some point in her life, Qavah will look back on her life and see that He who is faithful has kept His promise.

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