Thursday, March 29, 2012


In our situation, with both girls going through major health challenges, we pray for grace.  We pray for grace every day as a matter of fact.  I pray for grace before I get out of bed.  Then, when some wonderful things happen to us during the day, I always know Who to thank.  And it's not my "lucky stars;"  He has a name!  He is God with us, Emmanuel.  My heart overflows sometimes when I see His hand and I wish with all of my heart that I would turn and see Him standing right next to me.  I could thank Him face to face and we could talk together in the cool of the day as Adam and Eve once did in the garden.  One day, that will be so, but for now I have to imagine His delighted expression when He hears my words of gratitude.

As you know, we have been working very diligently to move to Pittsburgh for two months at which time we will be with Qavah during her bone marrow transplant.  Our plan was to leave Kathryn here, so that she would be able to get to her doctors and receive her Remicade treatments without interruption.  However, once Kathryn's hip caused her to be in a wheelchair most of the day, we realized that she could not be left alone.  We prayed, we questioned God about the timing, and we made lists of things we needed to do for Kathryn to maintain her independence, etc.  But what we really needed was someone to come and stay at the house with her, to take her to appointments, and to help her with daily tasks.  

Last weekend we invited a young woman we know over for a visit.  As we visited, it became clear to us that she was wanting to move back to Roanoke from New Orleans.  She let us know this afternoon that she indeed will move back to Roanoke and move in with Kathryn to oversee things while we are gone.  She and Kathryn have been friends for awhile and they have many things in common.  We can now look forward to hearing about their adventures back here in Roanoke, while we turn our attention to Qavah in Pittsburgh.  If you think about it from time to time, would you pray for her?  Her name is GRACE!  Once again God has answered my prayers for grace in a most delightful way.

Picture taken last Fall with our small group ladies.  Grace is standing directly behind Kathryn:

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