Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Stuff

We woke up to what looked like a winter wonderland this morning.  But it lasted no more than a couple of hours and it all melted away.  School children had a day off here in the Roanoke Valley, but the snow never did amount to much.  I'm sure that was a disappointment to many.

We girls stayed at home during the day and Kathryn had another visit from the home health nurse. Kathryn's major complaint today was pain. Pain management is tricky with Kathryn because pain medication causes stomach trouble and that leads to other problems.  So she is managing to take medication only when the pain is more than she can stand, which isn't the best way to keep pain under control.  Her hip and right femur to her knee is the location of the worst pain.  She has stayed in a reclined position most of the day and we were able to watch some wonderful nature shows together.

We ordered one thousand prayer cards for Qavah and they came in the mail today.  She took ten of them to Lowes with her tonight and handed them to random people while she shopped with Paul.  One woman quickly caught up to Qavah and Paul as they were headed out of Lowes.  She asked for a prayer card, and promised to pray for Qavah.  When the daily news seems so discouraging, it is good to remember that there are people all around us ready and willing to show kindness.  When the going is tough, isn't it good to know that someone is praying?

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