Friday, March 02, 2012

Physical Therapy Begins

The physical therapist worked with Kathryn today and showed her how to use her crutches.  She is trying to find a good balance between resting her leg, yet keeping her muscles and joints limber with exercise.  We girls went to the grocery store tonight and Qavah pushed Kathryn in a wheel chair while I shopped with a grocery cart.  Once we got a system going we were able to get around the store pretty well.  

With the therapist and nurses coming here during the day, we have met some new people and hope to be an encouragement to them while they are here.  This afternoon I was upstairs picking up toys with my three year old grandson Nehemiah, when the doorbell rang.  I could hear the cheerful voice of Qavah's teacher.  He asked, "Who is that at the door, Nonny?"  "It's Qavah's teacher," I answered.  After a minute of listening to their happy voices he declared, "I want to go downstairs with Qavah and get teached, Nonny!"  I love the creative grammar of a three year old.  I love the surprise of an unexpected burst of laughter in my day too.

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