Friday, March 16, 2012


When we said good-bye last Monday morning, and Paul left for the airport, it seemed as though his homecoming on Friday was a long way off.  After several flight delays, Paul is finally home tonight.  Too tired to talk or think, we sat together with the girls in a dark room by candle light drinking in the happy feeling of being together again.  

This has been a week of adjustment for all of us.  Especially for Kathryn.  Having to wait on someone to run and get things for her has been an adjustment for her.  She misses the freedom of using her legs.  The new wheel chair will be here next week, and that will give her more mobility in the house.  We have also been blessed this week by women who have come here to visit.  They put time aside to stop in to say hello, and to pray with us.  After they left, Kathryn and I talked about their visit as though they were family.  It was like entertaining sisters that we hadn't seen in a long time.  That's how it seemed to us, because they also shared our love and commitment to God our Father.

We're happy that the work week is coming to a close, and that our Sabbath rest is approaching.  Some weeks seem longer than others!

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