Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Night

Paul and I just returned from meeting with some great Christian friends.  We shared some insights into scripture passages and prayed together about what it means to leave a spiritual legacy to our children and grandchildren.  We also read a small portion of Billy Graham's newest book called Nearing Home.  We had such a good time, and good conversation, that I find I would rather write a blog entry than go to bed.

Yesterday we left the house early and had a very busy schedule meeting with Kathryn's doctors about her leg bones.  We took the MRI to a surgeon and then visited with the hematologist and pain management doctor.  Those exams took most of the day, but we came home very encouraged.  Kathryn is now considering surgery on her leg, after thinking through the consequences if she doesn't.  Although we have a great deal of medical knowledge about how a surgeon can help with avascular necrosis, we know that God can, and does still miraculously heal the broken.  Miracles do happen in our day, yet we know God may choose to heal Kathryn by other means. 

We have peace in our home and hearts no matter what Kathryn and Qavah may face.  The peace that we have is not of our own making; it is the fulfillment of the promise Jesus made to us.  So we continue to walk through deep waters and fiery trials, but we are not consumed.  And suddenly it occurs to me that this peace in trouble times may very well be the legacy we leave with our children and grandchildren.  May they, like we, depend on the Prince of Peace to comfort them when they are faced with similar trials.  

"Why is our faith our greatest legacy? Because the memory of what we are like - not just our
personalities but our character and our faith has the potential to influence others for Christ." Billy Graham 

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