Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Workable Plans

I'm checking in for a quick update.  Qavah is beside me in her hospital bed getting a transfusion.  This will give her more energy on this beautiful spring day. Her spirits are high, and she is laughing right now at the antics of Elmo.  She is watching TV and snacking on Graham Crackers.  I am thankful as I sit here watching her.  She is so happy, and perfectly content.

Kathryn is at home this morning and waiting to be carried down the stairs by Paul Burton who is sleeping in after working late last night.  I help her wake up, get her up, and bring her a banana berry smoothie to start her day.  She can sit in her wheel chair and get to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash for the day.  After dressing and putting on her make up, she just waits for Paul Burton or Paul to carry her while I carry the wheel chair downstairs.  Then she is able to sit in her chair and get around the house for the rest of the day.  She seems very happy and content with the new normal.  We've had home visits from nurses, and a physical therapist.  It has been a very good week, and we see the Lord's hand in the details.

Paul flew to New Mexico and then Texas on business this week.  Last Sunday we sat together and prayed about the upcoming week.  As we looked at my schedule, which includes a trip to Richmond with Qavah tomorrow, we didn't see how it would all come together.  I was anxious about getting through the week without Paul.  We are half way through the week now, and details have fallen into place in such a wonderful way, that I feel guilty for being anxious.  Not only have our needs been met, we've all had a good week, and I have had time to go for a walk each day in the beautiful spring weather we have been having. 

There are offers of help, and people volunteering to stay with Kathryn while I am away tomorrow.  What started out as a week I thought would be next to impossible, has turned out to be a week of blessing upon blessing.  I can read in scripture that God is my strength, and I can hear testimonials from people who have had to overcome great obstacles by His power.  But it is only when I have to rely on God completely that His word comes alive in my heart.  He really does have all things under His command.  Any one else been there?  

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