Friday, April 27, 2012


Qavah's doctor will be holding a conference call with us next week to discuss the advantages of using  a different donor for Qavah.  He has found a living donor willing to begin the process of a bone marrow harvest for Qavah.  If the living donor match is better than the original cord blood match, the donor will then have their marrow extracted from their hip bone.  He or she will have to be put to sleep for the procedure, and will likely have a sore hip for a day or two.  As I think about the fact that a stranger in this world has been contacted and is willing to do this for Qavah, my heart just fills with awe.  We continue to pray for the doctors, donor, and Qavah, as we wait for the Lord to unveil His perfect plan.

Kathryn is weary, but is feeling optimistic about her surgery next week.  She is ready.  Pain has been a motivator, and she is daily thinking about the joy of being on her feet again.  

Grace arrives on Sunday.   Assuming she is going to feel comfortable taking over some of my tasks, Paul suggested that we take some time to go out together.  He suggested climbing Sharp Top.  The view is spectacular from the top of that mountain, but neither of us have climbed like that for over five years.  I'm hoping our knees are as strong as they once were, or Grace may be taking care of us too.

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