Saturday, April 14, 2012

Home From Pittsburgh

This will be a short update.  Paul and I just got in from Pittsburgh and it is late.  We are both looking like a couple of zombies tonight.  The first thing I had to do when we got in was fill a syringe and give Qavah an injection of Neupogen to bring her white cell counts up.  She is dangerously low and the parting words from the hematologist was a command to give it to her when we walked in the door.  Once her white counts come up she will be better able to fight infection.  She was diagnosed with a very bad sinus infection, and I have a prescription to be filled and started in the morning.

Basically, Qavah needs to be in better health before we admit her for this transplant.  Also, we were told today that the cord blood donation that the doctor intended to use was tested for HIV using an earlier test version rather than the current approved test.  So rather than having that cord blood ordered and ready, it must be tested again for HIV.  It passed the previous test, but both Paul and I feel that the delay may be the best thing for Qavah.  We will be absolutely certain that the cord blood is pure, and she will have time to kick this infection.  At this point we are no longer looking at admitting her April 23rd as previously planned.

We were so happy to walk through our back door tonight and see Kathryn's beautiful smile.  She has been well cared for, and even Gideon was a happy puppy, having been walked by friends and health care workers the past few days.  We are so grateful to God for His provision.  My dear friend of many years sat with Kathryn this week in the office of the doctor who was testing Kathryn for metal allergies.  I was so happy for Kathryn, that she had my trusted friend with whom she could process the information from the office visit.  We don't have any firm plans right at this moment; none besides flopping into our own beds, and falling into a deep healing sleep.  There is no place like home.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping us in the shadow and safety of your wing.  And thank you for the rest we will have tonight.  Amen

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