Thursday, May 31, 2012


Since we left Roanoke on May twelfth I have learned how to use front loader washing machines, use a different microwave, coffee pot, heating and air conditioning system, and where to take our trash on the twelfth floor.  I've learned the hospital routine and when doctors make their rounds.  I've learned how to scan and use entry keys to different parts of the hospital, and where to go in the hospital for snacks, food, and coffee.  

In taking care of Qavah, we have had to learn to feed her using the bone marrow transplant diet, how to bathe her to keep her central lines from getting wet, and how to take her to the bathroom with an IV pole attached to her at all times.  Throw in Qavah's mysterious fevers and and night sweats, and changing her bedding and pajamas two or three times a night, and I had a new first!  I went to bed last night for what I thought would be a short nap after dinner and slept for thirteen hours.  Thank the Lord that Paul is back in Pittsburgh.  I guess I needed that nap.

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