Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Morning

I am sitting in Qavah's hospital room looking out of the large window on the ninth floor.  Dotted across the landscape are some very majestic church steeples.  I have never thought about visiting Pittsburgh before, but it is a place I would like to see when Qavah is better.  

I prayed specifically for Christian friends to be found here, and I am finding that God is sending them my way. We have been able to share scripture, pray, and exchange emails to stay in touch.  Just today the Chaplin visited and shared his testimony.  He is a remarkable young man preparing for the mission field.  Born in Africa and raised in another religion, he shared with me how Jesus met him and gave him a new heart.  It was great for Qavah to hear, and because her suffering will be great, it is a joy for me to surround her with people who declare the power of the Lord to save. 

Love surrounds us here.  A young woman, a cellist, visited Qavah today and played for her.  She encouraged us to have Paul bring Qavah's little cello here, and she will give Qavah a few lessons while we are here.  Just after Qavah heard the theme song from Beauty and the Beast on the cello, a small group of people came in from "Build a Bear."  She chose a puppy and two outfits in which she could dress the puppy.  That has kept her busy most of the afternoon.   

Tomorrow, when Qavah begins chemotherapy, she will be in isolation and connected to an IV pole for 52 days.  At that time she will not be allowed any stuffed animals or toys that can't be washed each day.  She is not allowed plants or flowers because of the mold and fungus.  But she can have cards, and has already received some today.

This is a journey of physical healing for Qavah, but it is also a spiritual journey.  Fears will be overcome, trust in God's plan will unfold, and a little girl will show us what child-like faith is all about.

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