Friday, May 04, 2012

Hospital Rooms

9:00 PM  Kathryn is in her hospital room.  Paul is there for the next few hours. I have come home to see Qavah.  Grace and I are getting her ready for bed but I wanted to give you an update.

Kathryn has been in tremendous pain since she woke up from surgery.  But it is not coming from her hip.  It is coming from her right knee.  Grace and I just had a prayer time with Aunt Lil, Uncle Tony, and friends who were visiting with them.  Their call from Florida brought them near, and their prayers ministered to my heart.  We have agreed together in prayer for the healing of Kathryn, and for the pain to subside.  I will not have a clear picture of all the surgeon did until we have a longer talk with him.  He had some concerns, but we knew going into this surgery that it was not going to be as easy for Kathryn.

Our merciful God is seeing all.  He has sent some wonderful people to help with Kathryn, and the hospital staff has been very understanding.  She'll have more platelets tonight to help bring healing to the surgery site, and I can't help but think that God, in His mercy, will comfort her as she sleeps.  We wait for Him with hope and patience.  Thank you all for praying.

I am having some trouble posting comments today.  I have several comments in my Gmail box that are not transferring to the blog.  I will work on that when I get more time, but just know that your encouragement means so much, and I can still read your comments to Kathryn when I go back to the hospital.  

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