Friday, May 11, 2012

Packing up

We had the family over last night for an early Mother's Day celebration, and a last chance to see them before we leave for Pittsburgh. Annelise and Nehemiah came in the door and saw their Aunt Kathryn standing up for the first time in months.  They exclaimed over that and said, "We were praying you could walk again!"  They were so excited about their prayers being answered. After the dinner, I went into the kitchen to find Kathryn standing at the kitchen sink rinsing dishes.  She said, "Oh Mama, look at me standing here doing dishes!"  She was teary-eyed from an overflow of gratitude springing up from her soul.

Before she left last night, Annelise wrapped her arms around Qavah and said, "I love you Qavah, and I will pray for you every day." At five years old, Annelise is already trusting in the goodness of God to listen to her prayers.  Qavah returned the blessing and then went to her box of prayer cards and gave Annelise a stack of them to hand out to friends.  It is humbling to see how God is already at work in the lives of these children, increasing their sensitivity to God and His kingdom to come.  

A friend called me two weeks ago to say that her little granddaughter asked her third grade teacher if she could read Qavah's prayer card to her class and since that time they have been praying for Qavah.  She is also a reader of this blog and is keeping up with the prayer needs of our family.  I haven't met this little girl yet, but I am sure when I do, I will no doubt find the sweetness and compassion that God has put into her heart.  These little prayer warriors will be needed in the future as our world is spinning out of control, and falling far from the principles and laws set forth in God's word.  We are dependent on the mercy of God, and I am so thankful for the prayers of these little children.  "Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight."

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