Monday, May 14, 2012

Moved In

I packed our things in moving boxes rather than luggage.  Then I asked Paul to load his dolly into the back of the van so that when we arrived to the Ronald McDonald House we could move in easily.  We arrived last night in a rainstorm at 11 o'clock.  The unpacking was a breeze with the dolly.  Especially because our room is on the twelfth floor, we were happy to pile that dolly high with boxes and we moved everything in just three trips.  One box labeled "bedding" was opened quickly and while Paul put groceries in the cupboards and refrigerator, I made up our beds with sheets and blankets from home.  Teamwork.  I am so grateful that Paul and I are in this together. We got into bed feeling very grateful for the strength to accomplish so much in one evening.  

Qavah had her CT scan today, and if all is well in her sinuses, we will proceed with the plan to have her central line put in on Wednesday morning.  She has had her evening bath and is watching a movie before bed.  Paul is working at a desk nearby while I write.  This is our new normal.  

I met our neighbor in the apartment beside us, who is here for just one evening.  She and her husband have 17 children, ten of whom were adopted with special needs.  She gave me her business card and asked us to consider using their cottage by the river about an hour's drive from here near Clarion.  She said we would need get-a-ways, and they do not use the cottage during the week.  I am amazed.  In a twenty minute conversation we shared a love for God, a love of children, a love of meeting the needs of our kids, and suddenly we were as close as sisters.  I find this to be an amazing world, one in which we do not hear enough about the good, honest, hard-working people, who love to give their best.  It is an honor to be here and to be chosen to walk this journey with Qavah.  I'm glad God trusted us with this mission; through it I am learning more about His beauty shining through the hearts of those around me.

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