Friday, May 04, 2012

Out of Surgery

3:00 PM  I just had a call from the surgeon and he sounded so relieved.  The surgery is complete, and I will be able to give you more details as I get them. Kathryn is going to recovery and hasn't woken up yet.  I will see her when they call me again.  She and I were praying for the surgeon before she was taken into the OR because he seemed beside himself with the stress of cutting into her.  His first comment to me had to do with the fact that the bleeding was well under control and the new platelets functioned just fine!   He is the surgeon on call this weekend, for which we are thankful.  Thank you for your prayers and cards to Kathryn.  A lot of love has gone into this event in her life, and she will be thanking you as soon as she is able.

Lord, on behalf of all who love Kathryn, thank you for seeing her through! In Jesus' Name Amen!

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