Saturday, May 05, 2012

Recovery Mode

10:00  AM     Paul spent the night at the hospital with Kathryn.  At some time during the night she was given a pain medication which began to work well for her and she fell into a deep sleep.  Paul slept in a chair and watched over her during the night.  (I just read that last sentence and laughed.  Paul actually woke up each time a nurse came in and he protected Kathryn from having to answer a lot of questions so that she could continue to sleep.)  I got here as the sun was coming up and brought them fruit smoothies to start their day.  Kathryn is making progress, but was not able to sit up when the physical therapist tried to work with her.  Her balance and pain levels prohibit much movement.  She will try again to sit up after lunch.  The doctor said that her bones were so tiny that he was able to use all ceramic to put her back together.  Which is wonderful because there will be no metal to react to, and ceramic lasts much longer.  There will be x-rays taken this afternoon and she will be able to see her new improved skeleton.  I'll update again later today.  Our prayers are for an easier day, and good pain management.

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