Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Send in Your helpers

Although I am outgoing, and didn't think I would have any trouble relating to the new people I would be meeting, I left home praying, "Lord, when we are in Pittsburgh, send your people our way."  Upon arrival, we met a group of Christians from Calvary Chapel at the Ronald McDonald House.  They were feeding the families here as they usually do one Sunday night a month.  From that initial meeting came a family wanting to come back to the hospital to pray over Qavah.  The hospital chaplin also paid us another visit today.  He encouraged us in our walk of faith.

They are everywhere; the King's kids. We are helping one another on our journeys.  We have our quirks, we have our troubles, but we also know the Lord of all creation in a way that is unique.  Our acceptance of God's Son as our Messiah gives us a unique relationship with God; one that is personal and intimate.  We can call out to Him in times of fear, and find strength.  We can bow our knee to Him as the creator of everything, and also stand in silent awe of Him.  We are united in Jesus our Messiah, Who reconciled us to God the Father for all eternity.

New rules and regulations set forth by a godless government, or the abolishment of the Ten Commandments in our schools, can ever stop the Christians in this world from declaring the Glory of the Lord through our lives.  Because He is our strength and our song.  He is Emannuel, God with us.  Therefore, we continue on here in Pittsburgh, looking forward to those He will send our way, and we intend to be blessed and to be a blessing.  We are thankful for the love of our brothers and sisters in the family of God.  I wouldn't want to make this journey alone.  Thank you friends, for following this blog, and praying for us.  It means so much to read your encouraging comments.  Especially on the tough days.  God sends us messages of hope through you. 

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