Monday, June 04, 2012

Blood with Power

We are trying to help Qavah keep a sense of time while she is in isolation.  It is easy even for adults to lose track of the day and date, so we are trying to help ourselves as well by having set times when certain things happen.  Friday night is "movie night", and Sunday morning is our little family worship service right here in  her room.  

When we arrived in Qavah's room Sunday morning, I wore an outfit that I would wear to church, and Paul had a Bible with him as well as some grape juice and matzoh for communion.  Qavah sat up when we walked in and looked at us, rubbing her sleepy eyes. "It's church day" we announced. She got so excited. Waking up to something different than the every day hospital routine was something she needed.  I read from Psalms, Paul prayed, and then he began our communion service.  Having served as an elder in the Presbyterian Church, he is always willing to serve communion to our family.  As he broke the bread and gave it to Qavah to dip into the juice, he said, "Qavah, this is Christ's body broken for you, and His blood is more powerful than the new blood you will receive next week. His blood has the power to forgive your sins and to raise you up to live with Him forever in Heaven."  She took the bread, dipped it, put it in her mouth, and savored it. 

Sunday afternoon we were allowed to put a face mask on Qavah and take her to the chapel on the sixth floor.  We met with a Christian couple and their four children to pray, sing, and worship.  The chapel within the hospital is a meeting place for not only Christians, but also other religions of the world.  I wondered how the chapel would be set up to accommodate multiple religions and I found out on Sunday.  Behind the altar is a very nice built-in cabinet.  The cabinet doors were open to reveal a beautiful silver crucifix; a reminder of the sacrifice made on our behalf at Calvary.  For the other religions, the cabinet doors are closed, and Jesus is hidden away.  As we observed this on Sunday, we had to rejoice all the more, for hinges and closed cabinet doors can never diminish the power of that shed blood of Christ.  Just as Paul said, His shed blood has the power to forgive sin, and to raise us up.  His power is seen in this hospital in every act of love, healing, and deliverance from evil.  He isn't hidden in the cabinet in the chapel; Jesus, the Great Physician, walks these halls.  

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