Saturday, June 30, 2012


Paul had dinner last week with Colin and Jennifer.  It was getting late and I wanted to talk to him before I went to bed so I texted him.  He didn't reply, so I texted Colin asking if his Dad had left their house yet.  Colin replied immediately and said something like, "Dad stated just a few seconds ago that he thought he should go because Mom is probably texting me about now." When Colin wrote to report that Paul and I were miles apart but still tuned into each other, I sent him back a message that was short and to the point. "Bookends." After so many years of married life we can just about predict the other.  So when he walked into the cafeteria at the hospital to greet me today, Kathryn noticed that, without consulting one another, Paul and I had both chosen to wear black and red.  I put my arms around Paul and I whispered "Bookends" in his ear.  There is a lot being held together because we are both willing to shore up our end of the commitment to our family.  Thanks be to God for my "Bookend."

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