Monday, June 11, 2012

Rest Day

Paul left the hospital last night around ten o'clock and went back to the apartment to sleep.  I remained at the hospital and continued Qavah's body washing routine throughout the night.  Around six this morning, Qavah was asleep and I looked at her peaceful little face before leaving for the apartment.  She has had a great attitude about everything, even the middle of the night interruptions.  We were cheering for her today when she wanted to eat a fortune cookie.  She cracked the cookie open and it read, "You will live a long life and eat many more fortune cookie."  The laughter that followed felt so good.

Kathryn is back at home.  She is able to eat baby food again, and is happy and thankful to be back in her beautiful bedroom at home. We have been in touch with her today, and feel so thankful for her faith, and words of courage.  She sent me a text that read, "God sweetens outward pain with inner peace." (quote by Thomas Watson) We pray her body will stabilize with rest and  baby food.  Paul is leaving Pittsburgh on Wednesday to go back home for a time.  He will be able to take care of some household responsibilities, and attend some important meetings at his office; but best of all he'll be able to spend time with the rest of the family. 

Our schedule of Qavah's BMT protocol calls today, "Rest Day".  There have been fewer nurses, fewer interruptions, and a quietness that has settled over Qavah and her room.  Tomorrow at One-thirty in the afternoon, the Bone Marrow Transplant team is scheduled to arrive with Qavah's life-saving bone marrow.  It is a big day for our family; a promise fulfilled to Qavah. 

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