Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's Next?

Several people have asked if Qavah has ever "Made a Wish".  She has, and I am pondering Qavah's wish tonight. You've seen the commercials of the superhero football player who has carried the team to a Super Bowl win. He grins at the camera immediately following the game and triumphantly announce that he is now going to "Disney World."  Many children facing medical challenges do choose Disney World for their "Wish", but when asked, Qavah has consistently requested the beach.  She just wants to go to the beach and play in the sand by the water with Annelise.  It will be a while before her new immune system will be able to handle the micro-organisms in sand, but Lord willing, it will come to pass.

Since the room is quiet and I now have time to ponder, I was thinking about what Jesus did when life was pressing in hard and He was tired and worn thin by the demands of His ministry.  He was fully man, and with that being said, He needed naps and a get-a-way from time to time just like the rest of us.  But He didn't go to an amusement park, He went to the beach.  The shores of Galilee bathed in sunshine was His place of refuge, with the open blue sky above, and soft sounds of lapping water.  His refreshment was found in the quietness, and the simplicity of nature.  He withdrew in a boat to a desolate place. (Matthew 14:13)

As I am pondering Qavah's wish tonight, I think she is on to something.  True refreshment for her is pretty much the same as it was for Jesus.  An hour ago I tucked the blanket under her chin and she said, "Mama I am so tired."  I guess so!  After fighting and winning such a victory, it's time to think about going to the beach!

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