Monday, July 02, 2012


Just a few days before we left Roanoke, Paul Burton and I were talking about hair.  Specifically, how to create hair for Qavah using yarn.  He went to the store and found a yarn that had a soft fuzzy texture and came home to weave the yarn into dreadlocks.  He connected them onto a piece of elastic and strung beads at the bottom of each lock.  An elastic band fits around the top of Qavah's head, and the braids hang down the sides and back of her head. She can wear a scarf or hat over the top of her head and the results are quite pretty. Qavah was pleased.  Early this morning, she decided she wanted to wear a dress and get out of pajamas.  She also wanted hair. So here is a picture of our first walk in the hallway on day 20 post transplant. She has come so far even from two days ago. Just like Sampson, her hair seemed to give her strength.

I have also been thinking about my precious son today, thankful that he enjoys weaving on his handheld loom, making hats, scarves, and now dreadlocks. He blessed his little sister with his workmanship. Thank you Paul Burton. I loved our brainstorming session, and the results put a smile on your sister's face. 

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