Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sending Me My Brothers and Sisters

It has been a difficult day for Qavah.  This afternoon, the Chaplain came into the room for his weekly visit.   He surveyed the situation and went to sit on the sofa while I tended to Qavah's needs. When I sat down, he said, "I have just been praying a prayer of thanksgiving for Qavah, and praising God for what He is doing."  I felt encouraged by his words, which I found strengthening in the circumstances. He smiled confidently and said, "He Who began a good work in the Children's Hospital, will be faithful to complete it for Qavah." (paraphrasing Philippians 1:6) Those were faith-filled words; apples of gold delivered in due season.

As we were driving out of Roanoke two months ago I prayed, "Lord, send me your children, send me Christian brothers and sisters to help me in Pittsburgh."  I checked "yes" in the little hospital admissions box that asked the question, "Do you want a visit from the Chaplain."  Shortly after Qavah was settled into her room, a man from Africa came to visit, introducing himself as the Chaplain.  His accent reminded me of one of our own Pastors at St. John back home.  This brother, an answer to my prayer, had to flee Central Africa because of persecution. He was born into an Islamic family and became a Christian, forcing him to leave his country.  As he grew in the knowledge of the things of the Lord, his love for the scriptures grew. He is like a walking concordance, and I have come to love the spiritual conversations of this brother in Christ. He has faithfully stopped in each week to encourage me in my faith. If Qavah is well enough to leave her with a sitter, Paul and I hope to attend his ordination this coming Sunday afternoon at a church near here.  

When Kathryn was here, we were able to sit with the Chaplain and share the supernatural way God intervenes in our circumstances.  Kathryn was able to share her experiences of her time in Heaven, and he likewise had many situations to report; times when God moved mountains to deliver him.  We boasted in our God for hours, and were strengthened by it. These spiritual conversations make up my days here.  Kathryn said she felt as though she had been on a spiritual retreat when she visited.  New friends in Christ have arrived at our hospital room door, just as I requested, reminding me that God answers prayer. He is faithful, and as a result, the time here has been so sweet. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.   ~Philippians 4:6

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