Sunday, July 22, 2012

Through the Double Doors

The double doors on the ninth floor separating the bone marrow transplant patients from the rest of the hospital opened today and Qavah walked through them wearing her face mask, which she is required to wear until one hundred days post-transplant.  Her eyes sparkled over the top of her mask so we knew she was smiling.  We walked within the hospital halls, went to the library on the sixth floor, and visited the gift shop.  We were allowed to take her outside to walk on the sidewalk beside the hospital building too.  She felt the sunshine and the wind in her face, and we could hear her giggle as she walked.  Paul pushed the ever-present IV pole and we stayed out long enough to run down the battery.  When the beeping started, we looked for an outlet in the cafeteria to recharge because it was obvious that Qavah had no intention of returning to her room.

I remember writing a post two months ago in which I mentioned the children playing in the healing garden below.  Today it was Qavah's turn to play there, and perhaps another young patient looking down from the upper floor windows felt inspired by watching Qavah.  I didn't take pictures today, but my memories are clear.  There are snapshots of the day in my heart that make me smile, and I want to give praise where praise is due.  The Lord has rescued Qavah out of many trials and miseries, and His hand is upon her as she sleeps tonight. Praise and honor go to Him.

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