Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blessing of Obedience

Our instructions on Qavah's care included restrictions.  Just before she was discharged from the hospital the doctor said, "No crowds, shopping centers, or crowded movie theaters for another two months." He didn't say church.  This morning we dressed for church and took Qavah in her frilly dress, pink hat, white gloves, and face mask.  She patiently wore the mask for two hours during the service and afterward.  Paul and I sat in the pew with Kathryn and Qavah feeling victorious in the struggle for wholeness for our girls.  The congregation at Shoresh David has been praying for us and it was a victory for them as well to witness how the Lord has lifted up Kathryn and Qavah.  The sermon was based on the "heart" of obedience.  As we listened, we shed some tears, but they were tears of joy. Paul and I feel as though we are here in Pittsburgh living out our walk of obedience, and finding God to be faithful and true. To some, I suppose our adoption of the girls is a curious thing; friends our age are now retired and downsizing while we are in the midst of starting over.   

Obedience sometimes looks a little unconventional, like Noah building a boat the length of two football fields in preparation for a flood when the sun was shining.  This morning, my silver-haired husband carried Qavah in his arms to the front of the church with the strength of a young man. It was time for the blessing of the children.  Children gathered under the outstretched prayer shawl and stood under its shelter as the blessing was proclaimed over their lives.  The blessing included asking God for their hearts to be courageous as they live out their life purpose, and that they would claim their inheritance as children of the King.  The steadfast love of the Lord was pictured there for me as Qavah rested in the arms of a father who loves her unconditionally.  

Lord, let me follow you in obedience to the hard places, and in those hard places, feel Your everlasting arms around me.

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