Sunday, August 05, 2012


Paul and I left Pittsburgh at ten o'clock in the morning on Saturday and drove until we met up with Kathryn and Paul Burton.  They started out about the same time heading north while we drove south.  Because of a traffic jam on I-81, Paul Burton and Kathryn sat in traffic for more than an hour. Therefore, Paul and I continued to drive all the way to the Virginia boarder until we met.  I saw the roadsign that said "Roanoke" and was suprised by tears. Next week marks three months away from home, and until I saw the sign, I thought I was pretty well adjusted to life in Pittsburgh.

When we finally met up with Paul Burton and Kathryn, we had lunch together.  Qavah sat as close to Paul Burton as possible throughout the meal.  Before I knew it I was in the car driving back to Pittsburgh with the girls while Paul went on home to Roanoke with Paul Burton.  The plan worked out well and we were back to the hospital in time to hook Qavah back up to her IV pole for evening medications.  The time away was good for all of us.  Qavah has been a bit teary today.  Hearing Paul's voice over the phone seems to trigger an attack of homesickness.  It is not as easy to distract her with the promise of a movie or another activity, as it once was.  We are doing our best to keep her happy, and little games, gifts, and greeting cards, continue to trickle in every day. Thanks to many of you for those little happy gifts!

I looked across the table to these three smiling faces and know without a doubt that my life has been blessed.  Kathryn has a new hip and Qavah a new blood supply. They looked so strong and healthy. Paul Burton brought me some gluten free cookies and stated that he was happy to do it, but will be happier when we are all home again. His smiling eyes, which worked effectively when he was a child getting into mischief, still melt my heart.  

Children are an heritage from the Lord.

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