Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Needed: Nerves of Steel

Late this afternoon Kathryn and I left for the grocery store and I gave Paul all of the instructions he needed to check Qavah's blood sugar and advised him regarding her snacks.  He let her watch a movie while he finished up his work day.  Then he decided to walk up two flights of stairs, retrieve our laundry from the dryer, and come back to Qavah.  His plan didn't work as he had hoped. Qavah didn't wait in the room. While Paul waited for the dryer to finish Qavah went on an adventure.  She put on her jacket and face mask and decided to walk over to the hospital to check out her old room and say hi to the nurses.

When Paul got back with the laundry, I was just walking in with groceries.  I asked where Qavah was, and we both dashed around the apartment looking for her when we realized she was missing. I ran to a phone to report her missing while Paul followed his hunch and went over to the hospital. On his way through the corridor, a nurse came walking toward Paul with a smiling Qavah!  "We love to have you visit us Qavah, but only with your Mom and Dad," she explained.  She handed Qavah over to Paul and the two of them headed back to the apartment.  Paul phoned me immediately and I cancelled the search.

For about fifteen minutes today we were frantic.  Not because Qavah would intentionally get into mischief, but because we no longer live in a world where little girls and boys are safe to be out on their own.  Qavah was able to follow people through two security doors and work the elevator on her own.  We are torn between thinking she was foolish, and yet, proud of her for being so resourceful.  She made it all the way to the ninth floor of the hospital and went back to her old room to see if anyone had moved in.  She had a wonderful time, and had some hugs from friends. 

Qavah feels good enough to walk a long way, she feels like seeing visitors, and she enjoyed her outing today.  While she was very sick, we were hoping for her full recovery and today was proof that that day has come.  Now we can say she is back to being an ordinary kid. Now we ask for your prayers for wisdom and strength to withstand the shocking things kids can do as they are growing up.  Being a parent takes nerves of steel.

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