Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving for All Things

Southwest Airlines went all out last night in the Ronald McDonald kitchen and supplied all of the families with a delicious home cooked turkey dinner with all of the side dishes we all love on this holiday. The canned drinks and cups were supplied by the airline, and about twenty employees worked together to bless each and every family here. We all said "thank you" to them, but truly, our hearts were overflowing with Thanksgiving and words just didn't seem enough. For a brief time it just seemed like we were family, and we had gathered to celebrate. I would guess there were over a hundred people at dinner and the food never ran out.  I am daily reminded that God is supplying the needs here in many remarkable ways. It may never make the headline news, but if it did, we might all feel better about the world. Good news is as nourishing for the soul as good food is for the body.

In other family news, Kathryn has applied for a "dream job" and we are praying that if this is a gift from God, she will know soon. Paul Burton is waiting to hear whether he will be accepted in VCU's Nurse Anesthetist program for next fall, and Qavah continues to improve. No one has talked about her going home, or even going to the McDonald House, but I think if she continues to improve, we may hear some talk about that next week. As each of our children are in a position to wait on the Lord, we have a lot in common with each other. Our faith is being built. And I think I speak for all of us when I say our desire is to continue serving the Lord right where we are until he moves us on.

I feel especially thankful tonight for the opportunity to witness great things in this hospital. Several children have gone home healthy after their bone marrow transplants.  Many children on this floor were healthy enough to leave for the holiday weekend too. In a recent conversation, we "moms of 9b" agreed that we had no idea last Thanksgiving how much our lives were about to change, and how much more our gratitude would increase as a result. Thanks be to God for all of His perfect gifts.

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