Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Princess Fun

I noticed immediately when I saw Kathryn that her limp has improved greatly since I last saw her, and her new hip joints are working beautifully. She is walking all over the place without pain and loving it. She had arrived at the Ronald McDonald House fairly late on Christmas Eve so Paul stayed at the hospital overnight with Qavah while Kathryn and I were able to stay up late, talk, and have a cup of tea together. We had the apartment to ourselves. We had a great time and got caught up on all of the adventures she was able to have at Holiday gatherings with friends. We girls have been playing princess and enjoying girl time ever since. Paul is definitely outnumbered. We invited him to watch a movie with us last night in Qavah's hospital room. He accepted our invitation but stated firmly, "No fairy princess movies!" I guess all men have their quota, and this year Qavah has pushed him to his limit! 

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