Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mr. Snowy

A few weeks before Christmas we were coming back to the Ronald McDonald House for the night after a long day at the hospital. The elevator doors opened to the tenth floor and there stood Mr. Snowy; a wonderful white Christmas tree dressed as a snowman welcomed us. The students of Trinity School of Nursing had come here to decorate the tenth floor for the holidays. They put so much time and detail into their work; and I really appreciated it. I went upstairs to the office to find out who I could thank for making our Christmas merry and bright. I told the office staff how much I appreciated everything the staff had done to make our Christmas so special, especially Mr. Snowy. There were so many little things like that happening in the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House, that it was nearly impossible to thank everyone.

Two weeks ago the decorations came down and we missed Mr. Snowy immediately. While we were with Qavah at the hospital all signs of Christmas had disappeared, and the starkness of the hallway reminded me that this is a well-run organization that had to keep moving forward for the sake of keeping the hallways clean and prepared for the next holiday. One night last week we were coming back to the apartment late. It was after midnight when we arrived at our apartment door, and standing proud and tall at the doorway to our apartment stood Mr. Snowy with a sign on his branches.  It was like seeing a friend standing there, and the note was signed by the Ronald McDonald House staff and Trinity School of Nursing. They gave us Mr. Snowy to take home! I think when I set him up next year, I will remember with fondness the many special moments we have had here in Pittsburgh. The people of Pittsburgh deserve to have this institution of healing in their city. They welcome little ones from around the world, and care for their families as they face the toughest challenges in life.

Paul, Kathryn, and I are packing up boxes, feeling more certain day by day that Qavah will be discharged to home next week. Mr Snowy was dismantled and boxed up for the ride home. It is with great love and gratitude that I write this post to remember the people of Pittsburgh who loved us and cared for us particularly through the Christmas season. We are thankful to God for their love and blessing.

Families awoke on Christmas morning to presents outside of the apartment doors

Each door was decorated to reflect Pittsburgh's winter weather

Mr. Snowy

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