Wednesday, May 01, 2013

COMING SOON: The New Campbell Family Journal

Having spent months inside the small hospital room where our daughter received her bone marrow transplant, I had plenty of time to think and pray. It was during that time I had the idea to change my blog. Previously I used The Campbell Family Journal for updates on the health of our two daughters, however, I soon found that I enjoyed journaling my thoughts. The more I journaled, the more clearly I could see the way God was reflecting His own image on my heart. He helped me to think things through and share them in a way that resonated with others. I feel so humbled when someone mentions my writing as a "good thing." It is a surprise even to me, and I know it is a gift from God. I wouldn't have thought to do it on my own.

Included in my new blog will be daily devotional quotes I have gathered, and links to the sermons I listen to in order to fill my mind with good things. I want those who stop by my blog to feel as though they have stopped by my front porch, to sit awhile, and to glean with me the harvest of good things God is doing in this world. If you feel like relaxing on a porch swing in the South, and taking in refreshment, you'll like the new look and read of The Campbell  Family Journal. I hope to see you there in just a few days. My hope is to launch this new endeavor by May 5th. 

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement over the past year while our daughters have been through some very tough health challenges. We feel so blessed to have been able to cope, and get through it with God's help, and the care of our praying family and friends. I'll see you back here soon. Thank you for stopping by today and finding that Mr Snowy has been packed away, and spring is well under way.

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