Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dedicated to Brave Moms Everywhere

There is a particular kind of woman I want to praise today in this Mother's Day post. She's every mom everywhere who has had to take the high road and choose a loving response over a negative reaction. To Claire's mom, who wrote in her Caring Bridge journal that after being up night after night with her sick little Claire, heard her scream, "I hate you mommy," just before hurling her princess toothpaste tube from across the room into mommy's back. And her mom responded, "steroids, those nasty things." And this dedication is for moms who helped to hold their baby's arms down while blood was being drawn for the purpose of checking tumor markers. And to the moms I have known who released their children to God, either though an accident or illness, knowing it would be many years before they would see their children again in Heaven. 

Moms have a special kind of ability to do what is needed with an amazing amount of grace. To all these mothers I just want to pat you on the back and say a hearty heart-felt word of gratitude for showing the world that children have worth.  God values them, and we should too. And even when they grow up to do nasty or mean things, they are precious in the eyes of God, and He sacrificed  His only Son on Calvary to insure His covenant would extend to them.

There is one more group of women to commend in this writing. I want to thank the women who made an adoption plan when they recognized the child they were carrying would need a home. They are mothers to be celebrated today too.  They may possibly be imagining what their child looks like on this Mother's Day, and if they made a good decision.  If I could talk to the two women who gave birth to my two adopted daughters I would say, "thank you for giving God the final authority in the matter of your baby's life. He chose us to parent your babies, and what a blessing they have been." Happy Mother's Day to all. 

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