Monday, May 27, 2013

Front Porch Play

Having the four grandchildren last week was a lot of fun for us, and for them. The weather was overcast with periods of rain for four days straight. Not being able to contain them indoors any longer, Kathryn and I brought some ride-on toys to the front porch where they could still be outdoors and stay dry when the rain fell. One day I started thinking about how our screens pop out of the windows and that they were just about the right height to create the McCampbell drive-thru restaurant.

While I made lunches, I asked the older kids to find the pirate coins and make some paper money. They finished their project about the time I finished making lunches. What fun to see them "drive up" to the window to receive their lunches and pay me with money they had made themselves! They got such a kick out of it that they have already told me that they want to do it again.  When I play with children I feel God's pleasure. They are always ready to pretend and create. I find that to be refreshing for my own soul when real life is hard. I hope that my Lord's eyes were smiling as He watched what I had done with the morning He had given me. 

Thank you God, for the creativity to enter in to the play and pretend world of children. It reminds me that to You, I am still Your child.

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