Monday, May 06, 2013

Marriage; What It Is

It has been a  dark gloomy day in the Valley. The cold air and dark clouds had arrived yesterday, and by mid afternoon today, the days of predicted rain had begun. I would feel hemmed in if not for the internet and the connection to the world it is for me. On this cold day I have some things to think about to warm my heart, and if you want to join me, grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a while.

Paul and I have been looking forward to finding time to be together for a few days without any responsibilities. Recently we have had a friend volunteer to come for a couple of weeks to stay with the girls so that we can take a break. Qavah still needs daily care and while I am not quite ready to hand over the responsibility of her central line; that offer started us dreaming! Now we are like kids at the candy store with twenty dollars to spend. We have been on the internet and searched our hearts to know what a true vacation would be for us. It didn't take long to settle on something. We have set our hearts on a trip to Israel, and have been dreaming about it daily ever since. The trip wouldn't be until next spring, but every day we have started to look forward to the trip by searching for the best hiking shoes and clothing for warm days and cold night. We imagine ourselves hiking the trail  where Jesus walked, and talking to Him as we walk through our day. It's a forty mile hike from Nazareth to Capernaum and we hope to do it in six days. To see some of the beautiful trail and read more about it, here is a place to start: 

We have put many vacations on "hold" in our lives, thinking we will get to take time for each other eventually. Then having lived in the bone marrow transplant unit for eight months we learned that "eventually" isn't guaranteed to anyone. I picked Paul up from work on his lunch hour today and we went to Gander Mountain, a store we have never visited. After all, hiking was for other people who had time. Today we looked at walking shoes, just for the fun of it. And even while I picked them up and turned them over in my hand, I dreamed of slipping them on in the early morning as the sun is rising over Israel.  Our dream has become a topic of conversation and we find ourselves caught up in the joy of planning the journey. I hope the joy continues because now we start the dieting and exercising to give us the stamina to walk and not grow weary. 

Paul and I have shared so many wonderful moments together. Many of those moments are tucked in our memory for later review, when time and experience causes us to appreciate them even more. One day at a time turned into forty years of history. We've had many adventures and misadventures, and I suppose, Lord willing, as we walk along together in Israel we will be thinking of some of those times. But I also know that new adventures await us as we age, and no one knows the infirmities lying around the bend. As the years take hold of our faces, once smooth skin looks more like a relief map on the road to the journey's end. But oh how sweet to live with the one who knows the girl inside, and how she still likes to laugh. And the sweetness of knowing which coffee beans he prefers to make the best morning coffee to start his day. With all of those years of history, a picture is being painted for the world to see.  The Scriptures speak of the marriage relationship in Ephesians 5 :32-33 as the earthly relationship that depicts the love Christ has for us.  With God's help, the better we are at loving our spouse the better the world around us will understand the unconditional love of God. 

I recently discovered this story of William and his beloved wife. You'll want to watch both features. Please enjoy them, their story will bring my words to life.

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