Friday, May 03, 2013

The 1950's

Our nine-year-old daughter Qavah is slowly starting to read. With more oxygen going to her brain since her bone marrow transplant, she is thinking more clearly, and able to comprehend the formation of words using letters. We are starting out with the same Sally, Dick, and Jane readers we used with our other three kids. I have observed that after a session of reading, Qavah will call Paul "Father" instead of "Daddy," just as Sally, and her siblings do. The little stories are usually quite simple, but that doesn't matter to Qavah. She's learning.

We live a simple life, much like the one in the Sally, Dick, and Jane, readers. My girls prefer puffy dresses, my boys are respectful, and I enjoy cleaning our home and cooking for my family. Around five o'clock I can be found re-applying lipstick before my husband Paul arrives home from work. The boys are grown and out of our nest now, but we girls greet Daddy at the end of his work day with hugs and kisses of appreciation.  Most days we sit down to a home-cooked meal to eat dinner together at the table. It sounds like a scene from the nineteen-fifties, doesn't it?  I hadn't really thought about how much my life resembled the classic story-book life of Sally, Dick, and Jane until recently. 

Last week I was listening to a speech our President made to a group of abortionists. He said that the pro-life movement would prefer to go back to the fifties. He meant it in a derogatory way, of course. But as I thought about growing up in my neighborhood, east of Detroit, I remembered those years fondly. Everyone I knew on my street had a daddy. Everyone on my street respected the property, and we children called the adults by Mr. and Mrs. I remember that the church located at the end of our street made it so that whole families would leave their homes together and walk to church, with mom and dad out front and several kids following behind.  And the cry of my heart when I heard my President was this, "Lord, please help me to reflect the benefits of knowing You to a world that has strayed far from the nineteen-fifties values, and You."

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